Terms of trade

Terms of Sale
    Prices:        All prices are plus freight, plus G.S.T.

            Prices are subject to change without notice.

    Order:  Minimum charge order is $300.00 not including freight or G.S.T.
                  Minimum COD order is $300- not including freight or G.S.T.
                  As we are a wholesale company we prefer not to take orders under $300.00

    Charge Terms:    For account customers, payment due 20th of the month following delivery.
            Failure to adhere to these terms or lack of use of an account, may result
            in charge accounts being discontinued.
            For new customers, first delivery will be on a cash on delivery basis.
            Accounts can then be opened for customers who will be buying on a regular basis.

    Cash Sales:    We are happy too supply on a Cash on delivery basis. Discounts can be
            discussed for customers wishing to operate by cash on delivery.

    Quantities:     No minimum quantities are required but value must be at least $300 COD or $300.00 to charge an account.

    Size:        Sizes are approximate only. All sizes are in centimeters.
            W=width    L=length    H=height    H t H=Height to handle
            Dia=diameter     D=deep
            For sets, size given refers to largest size

    Claims:        Any faulty goods through manufacture will be replaced or credited without
            question. Claims for shortages or breakages must be notified within 7 days
            from receipt of goods. Breakages in transit should be notified immediately
            with transport company concerned.

    A/C Forms:    For Account application please see your sales representative, e-mail or phone our office staff

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